What is Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu?

Imagine a fighting system - battle tested over 900 Years of war & conflict - one that can teach you to deliver devastating techniques with precision, accuracy and minimal effort - a system that teaches you to use any ordinary object for your defense.

Stop Imagining...That system is here.


The Fairfield County Bujinkan Dojo offers the techniques and concepts taught internationally by the Bujinkan Dojo led by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.  Centuries of trial and error, triumph and defeat have cultivated the martial arts of the Bujinkan Dojo into the combat effective fighting system it is today. At the Fairfield County Bujinkan Dojo we offer the multifaceted combat concepts necessary to survive in today's exceedingly dangerous environment.




Join us at our NEW location after October 3rd!


We are located at:

5640 Groveport Rd.

Groveport, Ohio 43125


We are located inside the

Kazoku Dojo


Call 614.832.3693

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We offer more than just one-on-one weaponless techniques. Ours is a comprehensive system including unarmed combat strategies, a variety of traditional and modern weaponry applications as well as multiple attacker options, team defensive techniques and basic observation safety skills.


If you are searching for a well-rounded, traditional Japanese martial system, then look no further. The Fairfield County Bujinkan Dojo is the place for you.


We welcome good-hearted individuals committed to developing an indomitable spirit, awareness, and perseverance.

The 34th and 33rd heads of The Bujinkan, Hatsumi Sensei and Takamatsu Sensei

Fairfield County Bujinkan Dojo        -        5640 Groveport Rd.            Groveport, Ohio  43125      -        614.378.5530        -         INFO@FAIRFIELDBUJINKAN.COM